High-Yield Money Market

A high rate account for those wanting a little more.

Make more money without all the drama

Count on higher rates to put you in a better place

Don't let the fancy name fool you. A High-Yield Money Market isn't some exotic investment that takes your money on a gut-twisting coaster ride, rising one day and plunging the next. Instead, think of it as a pumped-up savings account that's always racing ahead, growing your finances faster than usual but still letting you lay your hands on your cash anytime you need it.

  • Minimum opening deposit of $2,500
  • No monthly service fee1
  • Higher interest rates than most traditional savings accounts
  • Tiered rate structure means larger balances earn more money
  • Unlimited over-the-counter transactions and withdrawals
  • Maximum of six electronic or other non-personal2 transactions per month

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