Personal Loans

Sometimes a simple loan is all you need to get a little help or finish a project.

It's not a daydream if you make it happen

Our personal loans come with a can-do attitude

Everyone has that list. Maybe it's scrawled on a piece of paper. Maybe it's tucked away in the back of your mind. Either way, it's filled with all the things you would do with some extra money. Well, it's time to break it out and start crossing off items. With an affordable Excite Credit Union Personal Loan or Line of Credit, you can build a pool, remodel the kitchen, travel to distant places, plan the best wedding ever or do something else that makes life a little better. 

  • Ask us for $1,000. Or for $20,000. Or for any in-between dollar figure that gets the job done.
  • This is a judgment-free zone, so use the money any way you want.
  • We keep interest rates low so your monthly payments don't blow up your budget.
  • In fact, the interest rates are so low you might want to use the cash to pay off some higher-interest debts.
  • You have a lot going on. To make sure you don't miss a payment, just schedule them automatically with Online or Mobile Banking.

Personal Loans

  • Has a term and fixed payment so you’ll know exactly when it’s paid off

Line of Credit

  • Revolving account that can be used over and over.  No fixed term and payments vary based on balance.

Step up to Membership

Getting a membership with us isn't a transaction - it's a friendship, a partnership, a neighborhood-wide collab, a life-long pursuit of better, for you, me, us, them, and everyone else we hang out with in life.