Less about Wall Street, more about Main Street.

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Because we’re a credit union, we are owned by our members. Members get dividends, perks and help us make important decisions every day. For example, as a part-owner of the credit union, you get to vote for members of our Board of Directors.

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How to join.

At Excite Credit Union, we serve residents in six California and three North Carolina counties and their families, plus employees of over 400 companies. If you call one of those counties home, open a Go Savings account with us and - BOOM! - membership.


Membership perks and a feel-good mission.

We know that your finances are often the most important consideration, which is why we put our products and services first. But we want to make sure that while we’re doing good by you, we’re also doing good in the community. As an Excite Credit Union Member, you can be proud of the work we do with supporting foster children and those transitioning out of foster care. It’s just another part of stepping up to better.

Step up to Membership

Getting a membership with us isn't a transaction - it's a friendship, a partnership, a neighborhood-wide collab, a life-long pursuit of better, for you, me, us, them, and everyone else we hang out with in life.