Board of Directors

Excite Credit Union’s Board of Directors establishes policies and maintains the general direction and control of the Credit Union. They are all Excite members who volunteer their time, talents and energy for the benefit of all our members. Each Board member is elected through a democratic vote by the membership.

The Board of Directors consists of no less than seven and no more than eleven members who must be members of Excite Credit Union, and are elected through a democratic vote by the membership of Excite Credit Union. All Excite Directors are volunteers and serve terms of three years.

Barbara Alumbaugh, Director
Chris Ekren, Director
Ralph Finelli, Secretary 
Mark Hanson, Director
Mike Kiernan, Director
Alan Raby, Director
Alan Hansen, Treasurer
Donna Rhody, Chairperson
Surya Turaga, Vice Chairperson

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee safeguards the interests and assets of all Excite Credit Union members. Acting independently of the Board of Directors and Credit Union administration, the Supervisory Committee is empowered to conduct reviews, annual audits, investigations and evaluations as deemed necessary. The Supervisory Committee is elected through a democratic vote by the membership and serve terms of three years.

Deepja Bansal, Member
Laura Golding, Member
Devin McAlpine, Chairperson
Mike Uhri, Member
Kim Campbell, Member

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Excite Credit Union leadership is dedicated to your financial success.

Brian Dorcy, President/CEO
Deborah Sunderman, Executive Vice President
Kevin Alsup, Senior Vice President, Technology
Richard DeCrescente, Vice President, Sales - NC
Richard Walter, Vice President, Sales - CA
Hector Espinoza, Vice President, Risk Management
Taruna Bajaj, Vice President, Marketing
Tim Furlong, Vice President, Finance
Veronica Rodriguez, Vice President, Human Resources
Pam Vegas, Vice President, Operations
John Hogan, Vice President, Community Relations & Outreach