eStatements & eNotices

Take a look at our eStatements!

How to read your statement

If you have a loan, you'll notice that information now appears on a separate loan bill which you will receive each month.

How to read your Consumer Loan Bill
How to read your Mortgage Loan Bill

There is a portal to view all your notices in one place.

There will be a tab for monthly statements and eNotices and if you have loans, you will have a tab for each type of loan. You can view your loan bills at any time.

eStatements mean you’ll no longer get your account statements in the mail.

Even better. eStatements help you:

  •  Reduce clutter
  •  Keep your financial information secure
  •  Find statements from the last 18 months in one place
  •  Get your statements faster
  •  Have easy access from anywhere, any time
  •  Make a smart choice to help the environment

Checking Account eNotices

When you sign-up for eStatements, you’ll get eNotices too. Nothing like finding out in the mail that your account is overdrawn after your latest debit card transaction. Better to get an eNotice - an electronic notification letting you know. To view and download your eNotices, login to Online Banking and click the eDocuments tab.

Loan Bills

Starting in July, your loan information will no longer appear on your monthly statement, you'll receive a new loan bill. Your new loan bill will include recent transaction activity, loan balances, due dates and other account related information. Your loan bills can be delivered by mail, or you can recieve them electronically

Sign-up for eStatements:

  •  Login to Online Banking
  •  Click the eDocuments tab under Additional Services
  •  Accept the Terms and Conditions
That’s it! Better and smarter statements are coming your way.

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