Our Culture

At Excite Credit Union we work together to serve and support our members, our communities and each other with the highest level of integrity, compassion, respect, honesty and enthusiasm.

Working together toward this shared commitment we will:

  •   Commit to making a positive difference in our workplace, our community and in the lives of our members. We believe that by working together with integrity, enthusiasm and passion for what we do every day, we will bring value and make a difference in our communities and in the lives of our members and each other. By supporting each other and giving back to our communities we support the “people helping people” philosophy on which credit unions were founded.
  •   Build positive and lasting relationships with our Members and our fellow Team Members that are based on honesty, trust and respect. Excite Credit Union was founded on the basic principles of service, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and respect. These principles have stood the test of time and everyone at Excite must embrace them and apply them in all situations. Acting responsibly and building great relationships with each other and with our Members is essential to our success.
  •   Consider the member in all we do. We share a passion for serving our members and ensuring that every interaction, whether in person, on the phone or online is professional and exceeds their expectations, affirms our commitment to them and builds trust, loyalty and confidence. We are aware that our actions and decisions affect the lives of our members and consider that in the way in which we perform our job duties.
  •   Continually develop our skills and expand our knowledge of our jobs and our industry and maintain an awareness of news and events both locally and globally. We believe that ongoing training and development is a key to personal and organizational success and as such we support ongoing learning at all levels of the organization. We also recognize the importance of being aware of what is happening in our communities and the world around us in order to be well-informed and well-rounded individuals and good citizens.
  •   Embrace diversity in our workplace and our communities. We recognize the value of diversity in lifestyles, cultures and ethnicity as these are the things that make each of us unique individuals. America was built on diversity and at Excite we believe that a diverse workforce adds tremendous value to the organization and makes it a more fun and interesting place to work and helps us meet the needs of our Members.
We clearly recognize that our people are the heart of Excite Credit Union and these statements embody our culture and working environment as well as define what we expect from our Team Members

We know that when we all share this commitment, anything is possible!