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You're looking for a place with good schools - and a nice pool.  A modern kitchen is a must. So is a manageable commute. How do you find a home with everything on your wish list? We gotcha. At Excite Credit Union, our HomeAdvantage™ service can get you exclusive access to a wide range of information that makes house hunting a whole lot easier.

  • MLS Listings (California Only): Search for homes by features including the number of bedrooms, baths, square footage and ZIP code. Set up email alerts when new properties matching your criteria become available.
  • Neighborhood Research: Location, location, location. Get access to neighborhood demographics, including weather conditions, school ratings and crime rates.
  • Referral to a Trusted Realtor Get referred to some of the best local agents to help you through the process. Browse the network of agents or have one recommended to you.
  • A Rebate: When you work with any agent in the HomeAdvantage network, you will receive a rebate – an average of $1,545!

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