Alliance Credit Union
800.232.8669 Routing Number : 321176804
800.232.8669   Routing Number : 321176804


  1. Courtesy Coverage Overdraft Protection

    Don’t be embarrassed by a declined transaction.  Fill out this form if you would like us to authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions.

  2. Stop Payment Order

    Use this form to request a stop payment on a check you’ve written or an ACH debit you’ve authorized.  Once completed and signed, you can fax it to us at 408-979-2483 or attach to a secure email in Online Banking.

  3. Direct Deposit

    Avoid standing in line and get earlier access to your payroll.  Complete this form and submit to your payroll department to have your paycheck directly deposited to your Excite account.
  4. Online Banking Cross Account Request

    Need to make transfers to other Excite accounts?  Once completed and signed, you can fax this form to us at 408-979-2483 or attach to a secure email in online banking.
  5. Change of Address

    Has your contact information changed?  This form can be used to inform us of address and/or phone number changes.  You can also make these changes to your account directly through Online Banking.
  6. Wire Transfer

    Fill out this form if you wish to complete a wire transfer.  Since wire transfer requests require an original signature, once completed this form can be mailed to us at PO Box 18460, San Jose, CA  95158-9985 or dropped off at one of our Financial Centers.
  7. Fraudulent Debit Card Charge

    Complete this transaction listing if you have fraudulent debit card charges.
  8. Disputed Transaction Forms

    1. Merchandise / Services Not Received
    2. Cancelled or Returned Merchandise/Service
    3. Merchandise Not As Described or Defective
    4. Processing Errors
  9. Skip-A-Payment

    Need a little extra cash?  Complete this form to skip your next eligible loan payment.
  10. Travel Notice

    Fill out this form if you are traveling out of the area. Let us know where and when you’re traveling, as well as the Excite Credit Union cards you’ll be taking with you. It helps us avoid interpreting any unusual activity as potential fraud.

  11. Automatic Loan Payment Set-Up

    Do you make your loan payments from another financial institution?  Save yourself some time by using this form to set up an automatic payment.